Eclipse Fight League

On The Expresso Show Live.

Eclipse Fight League owner Sven Grant was interviewed on the Expresso show live on the upcoming EFL03 event. The Expresso show hosted Sven Grant who chatted about the next upcoming EFL03 event and what fighters are on the fight card. This interview covered topics such as when the next event will be hosted, new fighters into EFL and the way forward for EFL.

Eclipse Fight League is poised to be the largest Muaythai information the southern hemisphere and has gotten lots of media attention on their events. EFL03 will be an all-out war with the battle for the light heavy weight first contender position. The winner of this fight will be the first contender for the belt and the fans are excited to see this fight live in Centurion.

With EFL announcing its very first belt championship, fans and fighters alike are excited about the future of EFL.

Make sure to get there not to miss all the action.

Written by: Expresso
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